tekom - conferences

Technical requirements

Just follow this link: System Check. With the system check, you can easily check whether the system requirements are fulfilled.

Please follow this link: Internet Connection Test. This gives you the option of initiating a test session to check whether your internet connection is sufficient before the actual session starts.

  • Windows 7 - Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) - macOS Mojave (10.14)
  • Linux (Please use Chromium!)
  • Google Chrome OS
  • Android OS 5 (Lollipop) - Android 9 (Pie)
  • iOS 10 - iOS 12
  • Windows Phone 8+, Windows 8RT+

Go2Webinar, accessible with the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (the last 2 versions)
  • Mozilla Firefox (the last 2 versions)

Alternatively you can download the Software here.


2 GB RAM (minimum), 4 GB RAM or more (recommended)

  • iPhone 4S or higher
  • iPad 2 or higher

Organizational matters

The access links to the individual lectures are available here in your personal dashboard. Log in with your personal access link. You can find instructions for dialing in here.

All lectures take place in Central European Summer Time (CEST). Important: Your iCal entry is not automatically converted to your time zone.

The recordings of each lecture will be available here on our site later. Please note that the recordings are available exclusively to tekom members until August 12. As a member, you do not need to have registered for the respective lecture. You will have access to all recordings regardless of your registration. Become a member now to benefit from this offer.

In your dashboard, you will find an overview of all lectures for which you have registered. Here, you can manage them, i.e. unsubscribe from or join a lecture. As a tekom member, you can view the recordings. Please note that, as a member, you will have access to all recordings regardless of your registration.

In your browser, go to summercon.tekom.de and log in to your personal overview via the dashboard in the upper right corner. Here, you will find all lectures for which you have successfully registered. This is the area where you can manage and participate in your lectures. About 30 minutes before each lecture starts, the icon to join appears to the right of each lecture. Click on this icon and you will be redirected to Go2Webinar. Now, enter your name and email address and join in. Your name and email address will be visible only to the lecture organizers.

With the tool Go2Webinar, you can use your question/chat field during a lecture to ask the speakers questions or leave comments for the moderators. During the presentation, you cannot exchange information with the other participants. Directly after the presentation, we offer all participants the opportunity to exchange information using the Telegram app. At the end of each lecture, you will receive a link to your respective lecture group. Please note that you need to download Telegram for this purpose. The tool is both web-based and accessible via the app on your mobile phone. Your mobile phone number is visible only to your previously saved contacts. Please note that this is a voluntary offering on the part of tekom and that we do not monitor the chat in any form. The chat rooms are deleted daily.

Please have a look here at Go2Webinar Help Platform or write an email to summercondontospamme@gowaway.tekom.de



Terms and Conditions of Participation in the SummerCON Raffle

The tekom SummerCON raffle is organized by tcworld GmbH, Rotebühlstraße 64, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany.

All participants who are present in a lecture are automatically entered. Employees of tekom, including members of the executive board, are not eligible to enter the raffle.

Participation is automatic if you are present in a lecture during tekom SummerCON.

The competition lasts for the duration of tekom SummerCON, i.e. from June 22 to June 25, 2020. There is one prize draw per day. The winners will be notified at the latest by the week of June 29 – July 3, 2020.

Every day, tekom T-shirts, tekom tote bags and a live stream ticket for tcworld conference 2020 will be raffled off.

The winner will be chosen at random (as in a lottery).

The winners will be publicly announced, but only with prior consent.

The data will be used solely for purposes of the raffle. Legal recourse is precluded.

Unfortunately, we cannot issue certification for tekom SummerCON. We ask for your understanding.