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How can I register for the tekom-summerCON or create a user account?

Are you a tekom member?

If you are a tekom member, you already have a user account. Please log in with your tekom membership number or your email address and password. Note that you may still need to activate your account due to the changes regarding the access to 'my tekom'.

You are not a tekom member?

Please click on "Create user account" and start the registration process. Please note that you must complete the registration process after receiving the registration email. Otherwise, all data you entered will be deleted and you will have to start again.

You have a 'my tekom' user account?

You have set up a user account via 'my tekom'. In this case, you can log in to 'my conference tool' using the existing login data.

Login 'my Dashboard'

You are a member or non-member with an user account for 'my tekom' or 'my conference tool'. Please log in with your login data.

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